The invisible lodge and inverted house.

The invisible lodge and inverted house.


About Me

With the aid of my totemic/ charion ghost guide(s) [since he/ she/ they are both one and many]) I have been in the throes of researching and testing a mythotic-golomoculi system [that serves as both the beginning and end] of universally cathartic equations and correspondences that in turn alchemically synthesize biosymbolic essence from mneumagickal objects that have (accidentally) become supra-arcane, talismanic devices. Such occult objects appear hyper mundane in nature usually through their utter obscurity, but are actually some of the most intensely charged, manifested symbols on this planet.

I am Protoencyclopedist, Codexorcist and Lycanthropic Housekeeper.

Of the Hole/House

I am the fixed & drowned sleeper, the Alpha-Odian: the Yog of Space, the First Primal Light. And I am the volatile & burnt dreamer, the Omega Obian: the Yig of Time, the Last Ultimate Dark.

Of the Devil/Lodge

I found the last road I now must walk. I walk with a pack of stray dogs, a brick from the tower of Babel, pockets of nuclear winter ash and a talisman from the Dog God of the Mound.

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